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Contraceptive Advice & Sexual Health

Emergency contraception

The sooner you act after having unprotected sex, the better. Emergency contraception is a way of preventing pregnancy after you have had sex without using contraception or when contraception has failed. If you take the emergency contraception (pill) or have an intrauterine device (coil) fitted within 5 days it will usually prevent pregnancy. Emergency contraception does not cause an abortion. Emergency contraception does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections. Please note the Emergency contraception (morning after pill) can be obtained from most Pharmacies.

Routine contraception

“Where can I get contraception?” “Which method of contraception suits me?” “I’m under 16 – can I get contraception?” Whatever questions you have about getting and using contraception, this guide can help.

Watch this video on the types of contraception available on the NHS

Who to book an appointment with

All our doctors can prescribe pills, rings, patches and injections. For further information please contact the Practice.